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Going Green:

At Rocky Mountain Insulation Corporation, we understand that we have to promote energy efficiency as well as use the planet’s resources responsibly. Most of our insulation materials are made from recycled materials. Fiberglass is made from sand, recycled glass, and other organic products and Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper, magazines, and cardboard. 


By better insulating your home you will save energy and reduce your portion of the greenhouse gas emissions that heating and cooling your home create. 80% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States are created from energy consumption. Home and building emissions comprise approximately 30% of those greenhouse gasses. That’s more than the exhaust of all automobile, aircraft and train emissions combined! Under-insulated homes emit one half-ton more carbon dioxide than properly insulated homes EVERY YEAR. Electricity generation produces another 30% of US carbon emissions from energy consumption, a portion of which is used to cool and heat homes. As a result, the energy we can save by insulating has a dramatic influence on the annual fluctuations in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: The Department of Energy EIA Report – 2009

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