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Q. Some one came knocking on my door claiming they worked for Rocky Mountain Insulation, is that you?


No, there is a company from out of state using our name, canvassing neighborhoods. We do not go door to door bothering people on their time. The other company is an LLC. If you do any research you will find they are not very ethical.  


Q. Is there still rebate money availabe?

Xcel energy has extended their program into 2012.  Colorado still has funds availabe in some areas.


Q. How much insulation should I have in my home?

If you have an existing home or are planning to build a new home, you should have enough insulation to help protect you from rising energy prices in the future, even if it is above code. For this area you should have the following insulation levels: R-49 in the attic and R-19 in the sidewalls.


Q. Can I add insulation to the existing insulation in my attic?

Yes. If you’re adding insulation yourself, use unfaced insulation. Or Rocky Mountain Insulation Corporation can blow in a uniform layer and check the other areas of your home.


Q. What type of insulation is the best?

The newest product on the market is known generally as closed cell spray foam. This product is approximately R- 7 per inch but is only sprayed to a depth of 3.5?. Conventional thinking has taught us that the thicker the insulation the better the R-value. The testing on spray foam has proven that it is most effective at 3.5? or about R-24 or so. At this point most people say, “well I can get R-20 to R-40 with conventional insulation for less money so why bother to go to the expense of spray foam?”. The answer lies in the ability of the foam to block heat loss due to convection and radiation. 1/4? of spray foam is said to block about 99% of heat loss due to convection and 3? of spray foam will block about 95% of heat loss due to conduction.


Q. How do I know I’ll get the insulation level I want?

Rocky Mountain Insulation Corporation will give you an insulation certificate stating exactly what insulation and how much was installed in you home. Our well-trained employees are your assurance also.


Q. How do I qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?

Whether yours is a new home or an existing one, Rocky Mountain Insulation Corporation is familiar with how you can qualify for your tax credit. Just give us a call or visit


Q. What rebates are available in my area?

Go to and enter your zip code, or call us and we can provide the information you need.


Q. Does extra insulation help reduce air conditioning bills?

Yes. Just as it helps keep cold from entering in the winter, insulation helps keep hot air from entering in the summer.


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